When you arrive at Mounds Baptist Church you will be greeted by one of our church members at our Connection Center. They have been trained to have all the information you will need to know about the church facilities, and programs. When you are first checking out a church, it can be a little intimidating. That is why we’ve put together some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

   How should I dress? We care about you, and not so much what you’re wearing. You’ll see anything from jeans to suits. We want to focus on Christ and not anything that would detract from doing so. We are a caring congregation that welcomes everyone. We want you to discover the joy that we share when we come together to worship God in spirit and in truth.
What can I expect when I get there? Our service length is usually an hour in length. When there are special guest speakers or special events the service may be just a few minutes longer. The service includes worship songs with a variety of musical styles, prayer, scripture reading, and a relevant message to today’s world. A drama skit or video clip may also be included on any given Sunday.
Our worship services are easy to follow. Everyone is asked to stand and sit at the same time, so you’ll never find yourself standing when everyone else is sitting, or sitting when everyone else is standing. All of the words to every song are projected and easy to read. Scriptures are projected as well, so you'll never feel lost or left out during any part of the service. We also have Bibles here at the church that are available for anyone to use
Don’t feel obligated to give. We do not invite you here to ask you for money. However, those who wish to worship God by the giving of tithes and offerings will find an opportunity to do so during the beginning of each service …..but please don’t feel obligated to give.
Do I have to be a member to attend? No, you absolutely do not. Our doors are open to you for any service. It is your choice to be apart of our church through membership. We hope that you will want to become apart of our loving church family. Should you choose to do that, there is a Discovery Class that answers many questions about the church and what our mission is today.
We have communion services the first Sunday of each month. It is open to all those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Jesus died for our sins. His body was broken and He shed His blood for us. We celebrate together as a time to reflect on our own lives and remember what He has done for us by giving His own life. (I Corinthians 11:23-26)
There is a nursery provided at our services. On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings there is a nursery for birth– 3 years. We also have an active children program designed to help your children feel loved and confident because they are God’s creation and loved by Him and very special to us.  Jr. Church takes place during the regular worship hour. Prior to our Sunday morning church services, children and adults alike share in classes where the Bible is studied in depth and materials that relate to our everyday lives.
Our Adult Bible Classes and Opportunities feature a variety of classes and events. It is easy to get connected at Mounds Baptist. Our goal on Wednesday Night Bible Study is not simply to learn from the scripture, but how to study the Bible in our private devotions and apply it to our personal lives.